Decorator and Collector’s Dream Auction

Don’t miss Sunday’s sale! In addition to the unusual array of fine antiques we offer, we have top of the line Decorative and Cottage Chic objects. If you are a collector, gardener or decorator, you will not want to miss this sale. Trust me.




Change in Autumn Auction Schedule

Please Note Folks…..In case you didn’t get the memo.
Due to vandalism of our outside A\C unit this weekend, we have thought it best to postpone this very special sale to next week. It’s unfortunate, but workable. Perhaps a happy accident, as our NYC client, who couldn’t meet the timing of this sale can now be involved in the newly scheduled one.

Ginger, our grand caterer, will also be back with us to celebrate.
Please plan to attend Friday’s preview and continue to follow our listings at:

Hope to see you at the auction!


We’re the tops!


Back in the early to mid-sixties, a little girl in a poverty stricken area of North Carolina went to her cousins birthday party. She saw him receive a magical tin litho spinning top that colors spun before her as she stood mesmerized. When she asked to play with it, she was refused. She was “poor relations” and would break it. She was all of two or three, but the memory, who many said was impossible surfaced later in her life and she started collecting Spinning Tops.
Now, in her sixties, she’s downsizing to lead a simple life at The beach and is sharing her awesome collection of spinning tops, German and US with our clientele at the auction!

Durham was swing in’ in the forties and the fifties to this man!


Cardoza McCollum was the man of the hour in downtown Durham. If you had a party, Cardoza was the man that provided the music, the lighting, the decorations, the whole shebang!
We’ll be selling the remaining contents of the house which is loaded with 45s, 78 records and vintage sound equipment. An added bonus: eight disco balls. A great piece of old Durham and Central University history!

Sarah’s car is full of Disco Balls!

IMG_9431.JPGdirect quote from Mrs. Payne following our house clean

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Thirteen life lessons from an auctioneer.

1. There’s always someone’s house dirtier than yours.

2. Seldom is something so rare that it will never cross your path again.

3. Competition is not always the best form of action.

4.Death brings out the worst in families.

5. A thing is a thing and only a thing. A memory makes the thing special. You can keep the memory with or without keeping the thing.

6. An items worth is what someone is willing to pay.

7. We most regret the one that got away.

8. You never know someone, really, until you go through their drawers.

9. The auction business is perhaps the first and oldest form of recycling.

10. People lie when you die.

11. There is a spirit world and some spirits attach themselves to their favorite things, be it bed, book or chest of drawers.

12. The more I see, the less I want.

13. It’s often about the thrill of the hunt.

Wonderful Auctions on the Horizon!

Stay tuned one and as we plan for the end of Summer and Fall Auctions!
We’ ll be having some special sessions coming up that will include fresh to the market estate coins, more from our fashionista collector of great costume jewelry and cloture, as well as as many unique and varied antiques and collectibles from local estates! Follow here or on Facebook for the latest!
Next sale is August 10 in our Hillsborough Gallery. We will have some fine museum quality artwork, a large selection of sterling pieces and many 19C and early 20C antiques!


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