Our lovely Client, Lindsley Bowen

Shown here in her eighties regalia with Thomas, our main man as her escort!


Awesome Auction this Weekend!

susanWe’ll be featuring some of the contents of the Susan Field’s estate, as well as additional partial estates who are downsizing from Chatham County and Hillsborough.

Visit the following link for photographs! http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionlist.cgi?vuid=1034

Estate Tag Sale Postponed. Sorry, Folks!

Please follow our site for details and updates!

Circumstances beyond our control have circumvented the sale.

Wild and Crazy Tag / Yard Sale Saturday, Oct. 25

Folks, we are helping our friend with an Estate Tag/Yard Sale this Saturday. Susan Fields, long time Chapel Hill resident, hippie chick, collector of fun, shiny, unique and unusual is moving from her civil war era home in Chatham Co. To the beach, as Briar Chapel prepares to develop the land. There are so many collections and items in them home that we will be selling much in lots of multiples. Just in time for Halloween, come and get some costume ideas and speak gently to the resident ghosts.
Please note that parking will up near the house and the drive in is one way only. We’ ll have someone road side helping. There will be no sign up sheets or lines. It’s not logistically possible. Help us abide by the courtesies and rules. Believe me, there is enough to go around!
Visit the following link for photos, though realize in this old, barely electrified home, it’s dark.






Change in Autumn Auction Schedule

Please Note Folks…..In case you didn’t get the memo.
Due to vandalism of our outside A\C unit this weekend, we have thought it best to postpone this very special sale to next week. It’s unfortunate, but workable. Perhaps a happy accident, as our NYC client, who couldn’t meet the timing of this sale can now be involved in the newly scheduled one.

Ginger, our grand caterer, will also be back with us to celebrate.
Please plan to attend Friday’s preview and continue to follow our listings at:


Hope to see you at the auction!


We’re the tops!


Back in the early to mid-sixties, a little girl in a poverty stricken area of North Carolina went to her cousins birthday party. She saw him receive a magical tin litho spinning top that colors spun before her as she stood mesmerized. When she asked to play with it, she was refused. She was “poor relations” and would break it. She was all of two or three, but the memory, who many said was impossible surfaced later in her life and she started collecting Spinning Tops.
Now, in her sixties, she’s downsizing to lead a simple life at The beach and is sharing her awesome collection of spinning tops, German and US with our clientele at the auction!

Durham was swing in’ in the forties and the fifties to this man!


Cardoza McCollum was the man of the hour in downtown Durham. If you had a party, Cardoza was the man that provided the music, the lighting, the decorations, the whole shebang!
We’ll be selling the remaining contents of the house which is loaded with 45s, 78 records and vintage sound equipment. An added bonus: eight disco balls. A great piece of old Durham and Central University history!


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